Chris Erickson

Life is an Adventure.


Just an assortment of things about me, since Facebook isn’t going to provide you many clues.

How I Keep the Lights On

I’m currently a Front End Engineer at Northwestern Mutual, where I build React apps. I was last a Web Application Developer at GS in Glendale, WI. Prior to this, I went to Milwaukee School of Engineering two times; first for Mechanical Engineering, then a handful of years later for Computer Engineering. As a Mechanical Engineer I led a team to design most of the lighting you might find if you are ever so lucky to get a ride on a Gulfstream G650, in addition to a wide variety of other LED aircraft lighting. I like to build web sites for companies that respect their users.

When There is Time

I dabble with HAM radio, love to cook, make pretentious drinks, and attempt photography.

Projects I’ve Worked On


What I’m Not Terrible At

  • Python / Django / Wagtail
  • React / React Native
  • Linux server management / nginx / Postgres / Redis
  • Docker / Kubernetes
  • AWS

Podcasts I Listen To

Apps I Love



How You Can Network / Link FaceFriend Me

You can find me on the Twitter, or on GitHub.

About This Site

  • Pelican based static blog, source
  • Hosted wherever is convenient, but usually a Linux VPS someplace, or S3
  • CloudFlare in front does the heavy lifting. Even better, you get SSL and many of the amazing things Cloudflare does, for free.